South Africa—an economic overview

Get more insights into the Southern African construction machinery market. We would like to thank Mr Muneso Shoko (Editor at Capital Equipment News at Crown Publications) for providing us with the latest figures and information we would like to share with the following presentation in abstracts.

Market Drivers

  • Usual picks and shovels of the industry”—backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders and telehandlers—that are keeping the total numbers up
  • The small segment represented 38,1% of the total unit sales back in 2010 when the particular year added up to 3 999 total unit sales
  • The same segment continues to have a grip on the total market, racking in 51% of the 6 543 unit sales recorded in 2014

Market Trends—Greater move towards compact equipment

  • Urbanisation has become an important factor to cope with for African governments. Africa had 22 cities with more than 2 million inhabitants in 2010, and will have another 14 of that size by 2020.
  • For long, backhoe and skid steer loaders have dominated the compact market (50% of total unit sales in SA)
  • New solutions gunning for a share of the market (articulated loaders and compact excavator)

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